Taburchak Pyotr Pavlovich, Ph.D, Prof.

Doctor of Economics, professor, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, academician of RAS, full member (academician) of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Safety (IASES).

The founder of the faculty of economics and management, 1995 to 2017 the head and the organizer of the department of management and marketing at the Institute of Technology. Now works as professor of department of management and marketing.

Education – the St. Petersburg state engineering and economics university (1969) as an engineer-economist in chemical industry.

In 1973 defended the master's thesis, in 1992 – doctor's. Worked at the Komsomolskaya Pravda plastic processing plant  (the engineer-economist – 1 year), research work (4 years).

Since 1973 till present he has been at teaching work generally in Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology. Gave courses of lectures in ENGECON University, the St. Petersburg Academy of economics and management, the Belgorod state technological university of V.G. Shukhov, cooperates with the St. Petersburg economics university.

Conducts big public and organizational work in AMD on production management of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. He is the vice-chairman of NMS. Passed a scientific training in Germany (the Merzeburg technological university, the technical university Braunschweig).

Under his supervision 5 doctoral and more than 40 master's dissertations are defended. In 2006 became the winner of the competition "The Best Scientific Book of Year" among teachers of higher educational institutions. More than 140 scientific and scientific and methodical works, including 9 monographs, 41 textbooks and manuals are published. Area of scientific interests – the theory and methodology of corporate management of the enterprise and organization; economy of innovative processes.

Vice Editor-in-chief

Vikulenko Alexander Evgenyevich, Ph.D., Prof.

Head of the department of finance and statistics SPSIT(TU).

Graduated from Engineering and Economic institute of Palmiro Togliatti in 1971 (chemical faculty, evening department) as "an engineer-economist of chemical industry". Along with 1965 for 1972 worked at research and design institute – LENNIIPROJECT. In 1972 entered and in 1975 graduated full-time postgraduate study on department of economy and the organization of chemical productions of Institute of Technology, having defended 1978 the master's thesis. In 2000 defended in St. Petersburg State University the doctoral dissertation on the subject "Mechanism of Tax Incentives of Economic Growth of Industrial Production (Theory and Methodology)" in 08.00.01 "Political economy".

To Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University) there he went all way from the assistant to professor. Successfully prepared 9 graduate students in the field of economy and finance and now is supervising 5 more graduate students. The author of 145 scientific and educational and methodical publications, from them: 8 monographs, 28 textbooks and manuals (2 with AMD signature stamp), 55 methodical instructions, more than 54 scientific articles in the field of economy, statistics and finance. Vikulenko A.E. conducts a number of various disciplines on faculty of economics and management: Planning at the enterprise, Media planning, Mass communications, the System analysis and modeling of economic activity, the System analysis and modeling of advertizing activity, Functional and cost the analysis and others. Vikulenko A. Е is a member of the Academic Council of the Institute and Faculty. On the department of finance and statistics he gives a course “Statistics”.

Executive Editor

Salko D.J., Ph.D., ass. Prof.


Voronova T.B.

Editorial Board


Membership in State Academies of Sciences

Academic degree

Academic status

Place of work


Justification of the significant contribution to development of the corresponding field of knowledge


Taburchak Alexey Petrovich

Doctor of economics



Dean, Faculty of economics and management

Is a competent expert in the field of economy and management, the sphere of his scientific interests is connected with initiative developments of the scientific and practical decisions lighting development of information and communication technologies and also their effective application in the sphere of business


Kondrashova Elena Arkadyevna

Doctor of economics


Professor of management and marketing department

The sphere of scientific interests covers a wide range of questions in the field of management of production structures, including organizational and economic aspects of strategic management


Kolesnikov Alexander Mikhaylovich

honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Doctor of economics


Institute of  business technologies


The winner of an award of the Government of Saint Petersburg for outstanding achievements in the field of the higher and secondary professional education in the "Organizational Decisions on Improvement of Quality of Training of Specialists" nomination. The certificate about development of the program for increase in level of training of the certified/accredited experts of Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science "Legal and organizational aspects of implementation of examinations within the actions for control (supervision) in education and the state accreditation of educational activity. The strategy of ensuring quality of education", realized on the basis of FSBEI HE "The St. Petersburg state Economic university" in volume of 24 academician hours (on October 27-28, 2016)


Tsatsulin Alexander Nikolaevich

honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Doctor of economics


Northwest institute of management – branch of Federal state-funded educational institution of the higher education "Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration"

Professor of finance management department

There have been received relevant results in the sphere of researches of methodology of pricing in a socially oriented marketing system


Lyubarskaya Maria Aleksandrovna

Rank "Honorary Professor of the European University" (European academy of natural sciences, 2007)

Doctor of economics


St. Petersburg state economic university

professor of department of the public and Territorial Department

There have been received relevant results in the sphere of strategic management of the systems of the address with waste in the cities, managements of development and implementation of energy efficient projects at the regional, municipal and corporate levels


Tumin Valery Maksimovich

Academician of RAS

Doctor of economics


Moscow institute of  technology

head of the department of economy, organization and management of innovative development of the enterprises

Domestic and foreign experience in the field of economy and management at the industrial enterprises, regional economy, new forms of financial and economic and innovative activity of the enterprises, their sustainable and effective innovative development


Fraymovich Victor Borisovich

Doctor of economics


St. Petersburg state economic university

The head of the department of management in science and the social sphere

Modernization of economic management of development of the organizations of the social sphere of Russia. Management of development of regional complexes of higher education. Improvement of management of social services. Economy and management in services sector


Lapinskas Arunas Algiyevich

Doctor of economics


St. Petersburg Mining University

professor of department of the economic theory

Types, functional features and convergence of economic systems. Problems of social and economic reforms in Russia and the general regularities of a transition period


Poliarus Arkady Vasilyevich

Doctor of economics


SPbSIT(TU), Ltd «Saint-Petersburg chemical company»

Professor, general director

Studying of current trends of transformation of management in the corporate sector of national economy, development of theoretical and methodical provisions, the economic mechanism of the choice of strategy and management decisions on increase in efficiency of these processes, situational models


Doroshenko Yury Anatolyevich

honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Doctor of economics


Belgorod state technological university of V.G. Shukhov

Director of the institute of economics and management

The leading scientist of the country in the field of economy, finance and management of the enterprises, innovative investment activities of the enterprises and regional transformations, economic security. Significantly developed and proved: scientific and methodological bases of complex assessment and management of the economic potential of regional educations; scientific and methodological bases of assessment and mechanism of management of the innovative capacity of the region (scientific and educational aspect); scientific and methodological bases of assessment and management of the cost of business of the industrial company; concept and theory of formation of economic security of the region, enterprise, personality; the theory and methodology of ecological-economic approach to process of complex use of mineral deposits in the conditions of the market relations; theory and methodology of formation and assessment of investment attractiveness of the region, enterprise; theoretical justification of a complex of economic-mathematical models of the development strategy of the industries and enterprises of the industry of construction materials in the conditions of dynamism of the environment of decisions; theoretical approaches to justification of effective use of economic potential of natural monopolies in development of industrial production


Popkov Valery Pavlovich

The honored worker of science of the Russian Federation since 2007, the Honorary worker of the higher school

Doctor of economics



Professor of department of trade business and merchandizing

Scientific research is devoted to contractual researches for the ministries and city departments on problems of competitiveness and stability of development of commercial and enterprise structures. Under the scientific guide of Popkov V. P. 8 dissertations for a degree of the Doctor of Economics, 50 theses for a degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences are defended. Popkov V. P. is an author about 300 scientific and academic works, including 3 textbooks, 18 manuals, 26 monographs and 8 brochures. In recent years the textbook "The Automated Systems of Processing of Economic Information" (in co-authorship), manuals "Organization of Business Activity", "Business Assessment", monographs "Intensification, Use and Updating of Computer Aids" and "Development Strategy and Target Support of Small Business" are published


Voronov Alexander Andreevich

Ph.D. in economics

Associate Professor


Associate professor of finance and statistics department

Some results in the field of modeling of dynamics of complex hierarchical multilevel economic systems meso - and macro levels in the conditions of geo-economics and geopolitical instability are received


Sinitsyna (Severgina) Anna Aleksandrovna

Ph.D. in economics

Associate Professor


Vice Dean of Faculty of economics and management

Formation of a system of corporate restructuring of infrastructure of the enterprises


Dudyreva Olga Anatolyevna

Ph.D. in economics

Associate Professor


Associate Professor

Within the scope of scientific interests fall: the systems of restructuring of production management, modeling of business processes at design of production systems of the industrial enterprises, project management